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Base and Lid Wrapped

The best looking, strongest and most durable box is one where the base and the lid are wrapped (or covered) with paper. In addition to paper printed per your own design, you can select from a wide assortment of standard papers which can be applied to your box. In addition to a variety of colors, papers can be either coated or uncoated and either plain or embossed. There are dozens of standard embossing patterns provided by the paper mill. Jordan Box Company is among only a handful of companies in the country that can produce a box up to 7 1/2” deep on a fully automated production line.

Plain Stayed Base and Wrapped Lid

A less expensive option is to adhere a paper wrap to the lid, but leave the base as plain paperboard. When closed, the box still has the elegance of a wrapped base and lid. The cost, however, is less than a fully wrapped box because less labor and material are required to make the box.

Plain Stayed Base and Lid

Plain stayed rigid boxes are useful in applications where appearance and strength are not as important as cost. This is the least expensive option since no paper is applied to either the base or the lid and the tape which seals the corners of the box remains visible. A typical plain stayed box would be constructed of either plain chipboard or white lined board.


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